Planning is now underway.

                            Rico Road Fall Festival 2019  ( We are planning now..)

                                                                 7970 Rico Road

                                                  Chattahoochee Hills   Georgia 30268

                                                               OCTOBER 12th, 2019

                                                                     9 am till 3 pm

                        Are you an Artist?  Craftsman? Baker, Candy or Jelly maker?

                             Maybe you want to promote your product or business? 

                                             Call and reserve your booth today.

             Looking for singers, dancers, entertainers to promote themselves as well.

                             We hope to bring the community together for something New!

                                As the festival comes to a close, we don’t want the fun to end

                                               So, starting at around 7 pm that evening… 

                        All Witches, Vampires, Ghost & Goblins of all ages are invited to our

                                                                      Halloween Ball

                                   We will have music, dancing, games, a costume contest,

                           munchies [ looking for food trucks or food vendors ] and more


                        Tickets will be available 1st come 1st served due to limited parking.

                                           call for information today:  770-596-3722



Coming Soon… 1st Rico Road Fall festival

Hello all,

We are in the process of hosting the 1st Fall festival here at Henley’s Hill.

We are looking for Artist, Candy, Jewelry makers and more. Maybe you are just looking to promote your product or business.  We also are looking for those that want to showcase their talents, singers, bands, dancers, dance groups and more. Sponsors will be greatly appreciated. We are all about bringing the community together.

Event date will be Oct 12th, 2019 from 9 am till 3 pm but that is not all. Later that evening around 7 pm all your Goblins, Witches, Vampires and Ghost are invited to a Halloween Ball, complete with a costume contest, dancing, games and more. (tickets for the ball will be required due to limited parking)

Call today to reserve your booth or your place on stage.  770-596-3722 or 678-699-0535.

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